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SC Female-Male attenuator

SC Female-Male attenuator

SC Female-Male attenuator


The SC SM Female-Male attenuator is an unit which provides a stable attenuation (from 1 to 30 dB) at both 1310nm and 1550nm transmission windows,it is common used,. These high performance attenuators are compliant with IEC 60869-1 and fully compatible with all SC connectors and adaptors,which is also called Plug-Type attenuator.


Fiber optic attenuators are used in the fiber optic links to reduce the optical power at a certain level. We supply various kinds of fiber attenuators, including LC, SC, and ST, FC, MU, E2000 and Variable fiber optic attenuator.


Sometimes in the fiber optic network ,people may need to reduce or balance the power of the light transmitted from one device to another device ,fiber optic attenuators are used in such cases, they are able to control the output of the fiber light power level.Fiber optic attenuator are used for reducing the power of the light in the fiber optic network.


The fiber optic attenuator we supply all acording to industrial standard,we 100% test them strictly during the production.More information as follow:



• Passive optical networks
• Overpowered fiber optic systems
• Optical power receivers protection
• Multiwavelength systems balancing
• EDFA loop tests and measurements



• Metal ion doped fiber
• Attenuation levels ranging from 1 dB to 30 dB
• Low back reflection
• High power endurance
• Maximum stability, reliability and flat spectral response
• 100% IL, RL and visual inspection tested
• Easy to connect/disconnect (Push-Pull)
• High mechanical resistance



Parameter                                         Value              Unit
Operating Wavelength                       1310/1550       ± 10 nm
Tolerance for 1~5 dB Attenuation       ± 0.5               dB
Tolerance for 6~30 dB Attenuation     ± 10                %
Return Loss                                      > 50               dB
Operating Temperature                     -40 to +75       °C
Polarization Dependent Loss              ≤ 0.1               dB
Mating Durability                               ≥ 1000           cycle